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Healthcare Capital & Mergers, LLC
VP of Business Development Position

Healthcare Capital & Mergers, LLC, a division of Worldwide Capital & Mergers, LLC, is a 20-year-old investment banking firm providing healthcare merger and acquisition services, capital raising services, and business valuations. The Healthcare Capital & Mergers division focuses on the Healthcare industry with a reputation, strategic affiliations and sales and marketing strategies that have allowed for strong client flow.

We are seeking a VP of Business Development with established relationships with owners of Healthcare companies. The VP will identify prospective new Healthcare clients and assess the initial needs and options for the owners of Healthcare companies. After the initial assessment of the prospective new client the VP of Business Development will be part of a strong team that will evaluate options and engage the new client. The firm has an outstanding team of seasoned veterans with excellent industry and education backgrounds to support the VPís efforts.

The VP will have the responsibility of identifying new clients utilizing your established relations. Established personal relationships are required in the Healthcare industry along with in depth knowledge of the prospective clientís business. The VP will be expected to have as much or more knowledge of the Healthcare industry as the prospective client. Experience in investment banking is not necessary as excellent training and support will be provided. Backgrounds outside of investment banking could include commercial banking, leasing, previous business owner, or semi-retired Healthcare industry executive.


Competitive compensation is offered commensurate with level of experience. Please e-mail resumes to Mike Ryan.

Michael T. Ryan
Healthcare Capital & Mergers, LLC
A Division of Worldwide Capital & Mergers, LLC

Phone: 866-603-4142

Selling a Healthcare Company